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Explore a variety of projects showcasing expertise across different realms of Web3.

Character Sheets

Gamifying freelancing at Raid Guild. Build your character as a live chronicle of your actions. Collect items, earn XP, and level up classes to register your growth on-chain.


Offering a range of services to help you build your Web3 products.

Frontend Development

Craft engaging user experiences and intuitive interfaces for websites and web applications, leveraging the latest frontend technologies to captivate your audience.

Backend Development

Architect robust server-side solutions and scalable backend systems using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring seamless performance and reliability.

Smart Contracts

Specialize in secure smart contracts for decentralized applications, ensuring enhanced security and transparency.


Receive expert guidance to navigate the complexities of Web3 with tailored strategies and actionable insights for success.



OneTree is led by Dan, whose passion for web3 is matched by his commitment to excellence. With a focus on delivering exceptional digital solutions, Dan drives the mission to create something extraordinary for a better tomorrow.

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