WPOKT Bridge


The Wrapped POKT (wPOKT) Bridge enables users to transfer POKT tokens between Pocket Network and Ethereum Mainnet in both directions. Developed as a client project for the Pocket Network Foundation (PNF), the bridge facilitates secure transactions while adding extra utility to the POKT token within the DeFi ecosystem. The backend, built with Golang and MongoDB, is responsible for managing the transaction process, while the frontend, design, and smart contracts were handled by other members of Raid Guild.

The bridge utilizes a multisignature account (vault) system, where multiple validator nodes monitor and validate transactions between Pocket Network and Ethereum Mainnet. Transactions are initiated on Pocket Network with a memo containing the recipient address on Ethereum Mainnet, which is then sent to the vault. Validator nodes confirm the transaction and create corresponding mint transaction data for Ethereum Mainnet. Once the required threshold of signatures is reached, users can mint their wPOKT tokens on Ethereum Mainnet.

Initially, the project faced challenges with integrating an external vault provider, which led to delays and communication issues with the Pocket Network Foundation team. After extensive communication and collaboration efforts, it was decided to build the bridge internally, leading to a smoother development process. Despite the initial setbacks, the project was completed within the timeline, and the resulting bridge is now fully maintained by the development team and the Pocket Network Foundation, facilitating millions of dollars' worth of token transfers.

The WPOKT Bridge has successfully bridged over $40 million worth of POKT tokens between Pocket Network and Ethereum Mainnet, enabling users to access DeFi protocols and increase the utility and value of the POKT token. By providing a seamless and secure bridge solution, the project has contributed to the broader adoption of Pocket Network tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem.

WPOKT Bridge