Character Sheets


Character Sheets is an innovative project developed internally at Raid Guild, aimed at gamifying freelancing within the organization. Utilizing established standards such as ERC721 NFTs and ERC1155 for items and classes, as well as the cutting-edge ERC6551 token-bound account standard, Character Sheets enables members to create unique characters representing their roles within the guild. Build your character as a live chronicle of your actions, collecting items, earning XP, and leveling up classes to register your growth on-chain. Each character receives experience points (ERC20), items (ERC1155), and classes (ERC1155) based on their contributions to projects.

The development of Character Sheets involved collaboration across frontend, subgraph, and smart contract teams at Raid Guild. The methodology focused on creating a seamless user experience while implementing complex contract logic to enable token-bound accounts and item/class distribution based on project completion.

One of the main challenges faced during the development of Character Sheets was designing and implementing the smart contracts to handle complex conditional expressions for item distribution. This involved creating a mechanism for game masters to define requirements based on experience, class, and other criteria. Additionally, integrating frontend functionality to display equipped items on character sheets posed technical challenges.

Despite the challenges, Character Sheets has been successfully integrated into Raid Guild's operations, enhancing collaboration and engagement among members. With every project completed, members receive experience points and items, which are displayed on their character sheets. The gamification aspect has incentivized participation and contribution, fostering a sense of community and achievement within the organization. Character Sheets continues to evolve, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for Raid Guild members.

Character SheetsCharacter Sheets